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Frequently Asked Questions

 Common questions about Chiropractic and how I work

What kinds of conditions do you treat?

Since I firmly believe that the mind and body are connected, I will say just about anything from anxiety to an old ankle injury.

How long does it take to see results?

I’ve seen patients see results VERY quickly, and this does happen. However, if you have had a condition that took years to develop, it could take time and changes in lifestyle to see significant results.

The number of treatments you will need depends upon your physical condition. Some people are very sick and they need a lot of treatments and some people are not very sick and need only one or two treatments.

I generally tell people that I need six visits to make a big difference, but most people need more.

This is good news. This means that you have control and responsibility for your own health and well-being and you don’t need to wait until “things get really bad” before turning things around and getting back on the path to healing.

How long does my first exam take?

To get to know you and do a thorough intake..45 minutes to an hour.

How long is each appointment after that? 

General appointments are scheduled 20 minutes, but you can book as many as you want.

Should I do anything to prepare for an appointment? 

Other than the initial paperwork, there is nothing to prepare for an appointment. I would suggest not wearing a miniskirt or a hooded sweatshirt.

Do you accept my insurance? 

I do not bill insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. I do not accept insurance at all. I will produce a receipt with all the diagnosis codes and procedure codes and you may bill your own insurance.

How much do treatments cost? 

First visit is $200 unless you have been referred by one of my patients. They will give you a coupon for $50 off. All other visits are $65.

What forms of payments are accepted? 

I accept cash, credit cards and personal check.

Does it hurt? 

You will experience no physical pain at all. All of my treatment methods are painless and gentle. Sometimes a patient will cry but it’s not a painful cry; it’s a cleansing and healing cry of letting go of past failures.

Is it safe? 

Yes it is totally safe. The reason it’s safe is because I’m not adding anything to your body [like a drug or medication]. In the simplest statement, I’m taking your disorganized information that’s already there in your nervous system and organizing it, using painless, gentle Chiropractic techniques.

What will I notice after a treatment? 

Most patients report to me that they feel tingly, like things are moving around in the nervous system. They feel happier and I have a greater understanding of what was wrong in the first place. Sometimes a patient will report that they feel strange and emotional. This is what I call processing. My corrections sometimes need a few days processing and I have homeopathic remedies to help decrease this.

Will I need to get X-rays? 

No, but you are welcome to bring any that you have. Your body will tell me when I need them.

How does it work? 

Glad you asked. You can find out more about Heart technique or how I work, or download my ebook.