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All healing begins with the heart.

How it works

The Heart Technique is a method of discovering and correcting the cause of dis-ease.

The Heart Technique doesn’t treat or cure the dis-ease itself, but instead concentrates on the discovery and correction of the cause of dis-ease.

The Heart Technique makes statements to the body and the body answers using a manual muscle testing system I developed by studying the wisest Doctors, philosophers and people I could find.

The Heart Technique can tell you if your symptom is a:

• Physical problem

• Physiological problem

• Mental problem Emotional problem

• A stream of consciousness problem

• An outside stress problem

• An inside stress problem

• Damage, injury or traumatic problem

• Molecular confusion problem

• A morphogenic field problem

• External life problem

• Internal life problem

• Compression problem

• Confrontation problem

• Nutritional problem

• Heart wall problem…

The list goes on. I think you get the point.

The Heart Technique will figure out why you are sick or having the strange symptoms you are having. If you allow for the correction of the cause of dis-ease, the disease loses its purpose and will go away. Kardia is about health care, not disease care. Health care is something to invest in. It brings life and health. Disease care only causes more disease and eventual death.

I’m a chiropractor specializing in healing emotional trauma as well as the resulting pain and dis-ease.

Most of us have experienced some sort of trauma in the past which is now affecting our overall health.

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