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..and how I’m different

The services I offer not the typical services of a traditional Chiropractic office. I am not like a typical chiropractor in Lansing, or like your typical chiropractor down the street.

I offer something that is almost completely different and probably quite foreign to the average Chiropractor. The difference is my paradigm.

The First Difference is this:

You are more than a piece of a physical body. When you go to a medical specialist, you are only what their specialty is. You are not even a whole physical body. When you go to the Podiatrist, you are only a foot and ankle. When you go to a Cardiologist, you are only a heart and blood vessels. When you go to the Ears, Nose and Throat Specialist, you are only ears, a nose and a throat. When you go to some Chiropractors, you are only a spinal column. To me and during all my examinations, you are a whole physical body, but that’s not enough.


The Second Difference is this:

You are more than a whole physical body and the sole reason for this is that you are alive. Since you are alive, you have in your possession a life. In your life, you have stressors that a dead person doesn’t have. I can divide your life into possible stressful categories. You have:

  • a family life or no family life
  • a home life or no home life
  • an educational life or no educational life
  • a love life or no love life
  • an ethical life or no ethical life
  • a recreational life or no recreational life
  • a spiritual life or no spiritual life
  • a financial life or no financial life
  • a career life or no career life

You are so much more than a physical body, but Doctors rarely take your life into consideration during their examinations. They only examine some of the physical parts of your physical body. I look at your whole physical body and your whole life.


The Third Difference is this:

I firmly believe that ANYTHING CAN CAUSE ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. I don’t subscribe to the viewpoint that nothing can be done or there is no cure. My mind is fully open. I firmly believe in miracles because I’ve seen them in my office many, many times. Inside my intention, there is absolutely no doubt that I can help you and I expect a miracle every single time I see you.

If you are looking for a a Lansing chiropractor who can help you with more than just back pain, that’s what I’m here for.

Your body’s ability to heal has always been greater than you have been allowed to believe

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