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Remote healing begins with three basic understandings. These understandings are not generally on the minds of average people. Most people don’t even think about these things so I’m going to explain it from my own humble perspective.

The first understanding is that everything is made of energy.

Energy is the result of the relationship between mass and light.

E = mc2.

M = mass. Mass is made up of particles. The smallest unit of a particle is the atom and it makes up the physical world we all live in. It’s the things we can touch, see, smell and taste. This is Newtonian physics.

c2 = light. Light is not a particle. Light exists as a wave. It’s smallest unit is called a quanta. A quanta doesn’t have an edge or an end. Here, there is no such thing as distance. Here is where you feel the difference between one thing and another.

For example. I have two cats. I perceive them both physically as cats. This is their mass. But these two cats act completely different from each other. They have two different personalities. This is their light or c2. Both cats are made of energy but more importantly, they exist as the relationship between their mass and light.

The second understanding is that we have the ability to interact.

Everybody understands this. I can shake your hand for example. I can also adjust your spinal column. This is Newtonian physics.

There exists a way in which we can interact at a quantum level too. There is meaning inside a handshake. Their is so much more inside a handshake. It’s is called love, connection, respect, kindness, admiration, empathy…there are so many words to describe this. This meaning is quantum, not Newtonian. This is Kardia!

The third understanding is that this relationship exists!

It’s not some hippie delusion. If you know it with maximum confidence, remote healing is easy and effective. It’s not wishing or dreamlike. Remote healing takes more than knowledge. It’s an above knowledge, it’s a hyper-vigilant command to connect and correct the cause of dis-ease in anyone regardless of where they are. Remote healing is amazing, effective and so interesting.

I enjoy the opportunity to focus on emotional healing in Lansing, but the Heart Technique can be done from anywhere.

If you are not in the Lansing area or it is more practical to receive healing benefits online, you can schedule an appointment for a remote healing.

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