Recover From Emotional Trauma With Remote Healing: Your Questions

Today I want to do something a little different. Since the COVID-19 crisis, I’ve been asked more questions about remote healing based on quantum energy and how and why to book a virtual healing session.

So I’m here to answer them for you.

Q: I’m looking specifically for someone I can trust to work with in the Lansing area, but I’m not sure I can make it to your clinic.  Do you do remote healing?


Q: How did you get started with doing remote healing?

I started well before remote healing or telehealth became a “thing” with the COVID crisis.  

It was almost by accident, or chance, that I discovered that I could apply the Heart Technique from anywhere.

One night,  on Christmas eve, a friend texted me from New Jersey. She was at a party, which was stressful for her. She told me that she was starting to get a migraine headache, and was going downhill fast.

I had this idea in my head.. Why can’t I do it from here?

What thought would keep me from thinking this isn’t possible?

Right then and there, I simply decided to believe this was possible. 

So I laid down on the floor and did a gentle adjustment to my own occiput, as a proxy for hers. 

She then texted me back to say that the pain was gone.

This isn’t necessarily the way I do it now, but this is how I started the idea of working remotely.

Q: How does it work? 

At first, I wasn’t sure of the mechanism behind how it was working. I had some theories that I wanted to test. I began studying quantum physics and the theory of quantum entanglement.

The more I studied quantum entanglement, (QE) which is useful for both local and non-local healing, the more obsessed I became with learning more. 

The more I started using QE as the basis of my work, the better results my patients got.

I have also taught this technique to others. One thing I discovered is that much like acupuncture, the results are better when one is in a relaxed and focused state of mind.  

When I’m in this state, I get excellent results.

Another interesting thing happened, which totally fits into some of the theories of QE, is that the more I believed in a positive outcome, the more it worked.

Q: Why do you offer remote and virtual healing sessions?

It just makes sense to me. The kind of work I do, since it is based primarily on energy and how it behaves on a quantum level, can theoretically be done from anywhere. It’s based on not only my professional work, but my most personal philosophical beliefs about how the world works.

I can do my work without touching you at all from the same room, or from another treatment room. And because of the way quantum entanglement works, I could do the same if you were halfway around the world or on the moon. Distance doesn’t matter.

The focus is on the Heart Technique and emotional healing, and the meaning that the patient assigns to their current condition.

I go from there, and my patients get results. So there you have it.

Q: Why should someone choose you over another chiropractor or someone who works with energy? 

Because I listen. I mean not just “hear” you but listen to you, and never dismiss your thoughts as invalid. I mean it when I say I consider you to be a unique human being who has innate value.

Let me give you an example.

I had a patient a few  years ago..  A woman who was a heavy smoker. 

Just like I was trained to do, I wrote a letter to her doctor to rule out a lung lesion. The doctor threw my letter in the trash.

From this point on, I decided that I was never going to be one of those doctors who decides that a person’s perception is invalid. Usually that instinct is correct.

I would entertain any thought or idea that came from you, no matter how weird or horrifying it may sound to someone else, particularly a traditionally trained doctor.

Since I firmly believe that the mind and the body are interdependent and interconnected, it makes sense to me to look at any issue from this perspective, and not ONLY a traditional point of view.

If you subscribe only to Newtonian physics this would be impossible. I believe that anything is possible.

Q: What are the advantages of working with you remotely?

The main advantage is obvious.. If you can’t make it to my office or prefer not to, you still have access to the Heart Technique.

One of the best reasons to work with me is that I have the tools to help you access underlying root causes for your condition or issue.   Something you might have forgotten about. People forget about past traumas, because the mind is trying to protect us.

This isn’t all about me, though. I circle back to you to ask questions and confirm a conclusion. 

I might ask you: “I don’t understand something about you, and I need to know about this.”

I would like my patients to know that this is all done in a safe place. I’ve heard some pretty horrific stories that would make your eyes bleed..  Past histories of child and sexual abuse and more.

A lot of people don’t understand how traumatized they were. 

They think “That’s just how it was.” That it was normal, and that they were born into it, or that it’s their job to “tough it out” and bury the trauma  “somewhere.”

You can benefit from the sessions in the comfort of your own surroundings, which could be extremely helpful for those with anxiety or PTSD.

Q: What else should I know about the Heart Technique and how you work? 

First of all, I want to say that ANYONE can do this. 

I’m not a magician, I’m not a psychic, I’m not a medium, I’m simply gathering data from my patients and using the tools I’ve learned to pinpoint the emotional root cause of the most deep-seated pain, trauma, and dis-ease.

It’s nothing spooky or mysterious.

My toolbox includes everything from ruling out potentially serious conditions (referral to an MD)  to working with subluxations (chiropractic) to the Heart Technique.

I’m also FULLY present for each of my patients during our appointments.

Q: Who can benefit from remote healing using the Heart Technique?

Pretty much anyone. What I like about it is that it can also be a great way for people to see me “in between” appointments.

It’s  perfect for those that need a little extra in between visits. 

It’s of course for those who have already ruled out potentially serious conditions that may require the care of an MD or even a visit to urgent care or the nearest ER.

It works best for conditions that are either primarily emotional in nature, or have a root cause based on an unprocessed emotion or past trauma.

Q: How can I get the most out of a remote session?

Prepare for your session by writing down questions or concerns in advance.

Consistency is also important, as with any other form of healing treatment.

I ask that people come into this with an open mind. Many conditions are connected to events that happened in their lives that caused an emotional reaction that becomes “stuck” and manifests as dis-ease or pain.

Unlike with most traditional chiropractic treatments, during this process, the patient has an active role. So if someone who isn’t willing to provide feedback, answer questions, and participate, or expects someone to just “fix” them.. They probably won’t get much out of it.

Q: Do I have to believe that it will work, in order for it to work?

Yes and no. 

If you come in with at least a neutral position and an open mind, I’m confident that the treatment will work. That’s why this technique also works on animals.

If you come in with the thought that “this is bullshit,” you likely won’t get great results. This isn’t true only for the Heart Technique, but ANY kind of healing.

Those who take a proactive role are far more likely to recover and heal from any kind of dis-ease or injury than those who take zero responsibility for their own health and expect doctors and healers to “just fix” them.

Q: What types of conditions or issues can you help me resolve with the Heart Technique?

Some of the most common issues I see are lack of self-worth, self-esteem, anger and resentment, and addictions, including sugar and refined carbohydrates. These things also lead to “pre-dis-ease” states such as inflammation, hormone imbalances, premature aging, aches and pains.. The list is long.

Q: Can you give us an example of what a remote session might look like? The entire process? What should I expect?

First, you book an appointment with me. The easiest way to do this is by clicking the “book a remote session” below, which will take you to my booking calendar.

You then book an appointment and get a confirmation email. You’ll also get a reminder email with a link that you can click on at the time of our appointment, which will take you to a private “room” where we can begin. 

When we meet, we’ll talk briefly so I can get to know you, see what’s on your mind, then we dive in. My goal is for you to feel relaxed, so the treatment can work. 

Usually, a follow-up appointment will need to be scheduled.


Is my privacy protected?

Yes. The healing takes place via a Zoom call or a HIPPA compliant video conference.

Q: Who can work with you?

Remote or virtual  healing sessions are open to all MI residents. I do offer coaching as an added service for clients all over the world.

Q: Do people need to schedule an in-office appointment with you first?


You  don’t need to suffer in silence or even leave the comfort of your home. You can schedule a remote healing session by clicking on the orange button below.

Prefer a non-virtual experience? I’m your chiropractor in Lansing! My clinic is open and you are always welcome. I’m here for you whether it is physical (neck pain, back pain, recovering from an auto accident, and more) chronic conditions, or emotional trauma of any kind.

Call us at (517) 372-1381 to book an appointment!

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