Should I Pay Out Of Pocket For Chiropractic Care?


In order to provide the best service possible, I don’t participate in insurance billing. Here’s why:

I remember billing insurance. It was a nightmare.

I was very unhappy because I wasn’t being paid for my work. I would turn in my claims and something was always wrong and I would always get denied.

Here is where it gets really interesting! Listen to my words very carefully and try to understand how my thoughts change when I write about this. I knew, at that time, that I couldn’t pay the rent in $4.00 co-pays per head.

Did you hear what I just said? Did you see what I just thought ? Did you understand it?  I just dwindled you and your existence down from a specific and beautifully unique human being into a head coming through my door.

Under this system, you’re not a real person anymore, you’re an insurance card.

Since you are now an insurance card, I will eventually push you into treatments you don’t need because I’ll get paid. I’ll push you away from treatments you need because I won’t get paid.

I refuse to put myself inside this position. I’m the Doctor, not the insurance company!

If you are interested in understanding how your body works and functions minus your insurance policy, I’m the person to call. I can’t wait to help you understand your symptoms. Call me at 517-712-5310.

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